How LeaseHub India can help you?

As one of the top rated commercial leasing & consultancy provider, LeaseHub India emphasizes on determining your leasing and property requirements. We conduct an extensive evaluation of the alternative available in the market. The LeaseHub India consultants help you finalize the best properties that promote organizational growth, effectiveness, communication as well as productivity. When you choose us you save your precious time as well as the effort required to deal with numerous property agents.

In addition to this, you get to access a comprehensive database of office listings. Our consultants will also guide you to help you choose the best property. We also offer in-depth research & analysis of the market trends and conditions to help you pick the right commercial property. We also assist occupiers, property owners, property investors and others by providing them with adequate support tailored to their needs and preferences.

We also offer assistance to tenants or occupiers who require hassle-free and affordable lease renewal services. Our tenant representatives have adequate experience in handling the needs of office, industrial as well as real estate.

What should be my office space requirements?

The space that you will need may vary in accordance with your business needs, the segment that you cater to as well as the appropriate use of your chosen office space. Typically, businesses need 120-180 sq. ft of office space for one employee.

What amenities are a part of the office lease?

If you are planning to take an office space on lease, then make sure that the building/space has all the necessary amenities like kitchens and restrooms. These amenities should be a market of your measured net leasable space.

Can I opt for subleasing ?

Almost every commercial lease gives permission to lessees to assign or sublease their space/premises.

Are there any extra costs apart from the office rent as well as the operating costs?

Apart from a building’s operational costs pro-rata share, you shall also be liable for utility as well as electricity charges. Businesses that take office space on lease are also responsible for replacing the light bulb as well as cleaning their own space/premises.

What should I keep in mind before signing a lease space?

Before you acquire a commercial space on lease, you must know that commercial leasing is distinct from taking a rental accommodation on lease. Commercial leasing requires you to take your organizational structure into consideration. Apart from this, businesses must also take the flow of their business into consideration before signing a lease. Thus, before you sign the lease contract, you must understand the terms & conditions enlisted in it. For instance, the period for which the lease is valid, the expected rent as well as any increments that may be introduced in future, the facilities and amenities that have been incorporated with the lease agreement.

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