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LeaseHub India is the premier provider of a comprehensive range of leasing & consulting services. We understand that getting your dream property or space on lease can be quite the task. We make the process less cumbersome and more enjoyable by assisting you at every step. We make a genuine and honest attempt to understand your specific lease requirements and later help you find properties that meet your exact business needs.

The LeaseHub India Difference

At LeaseHub India, we adopt client-centric approach, which begins with gaining a deeper understanding of your objectives, goals and overall business. We then proceed further to identify properties that enable you to steer your business to the next level. Our expert negotiation skills allow us to finalize the best deals for your business.

We aim at helping our clients save their valuable time and effort by finding the ideal retail and commercial spaces on lease through evaluation of different parameters such as plans for future expansion, competition analysis, space utility, cost evaluation, ideal location, leasing terms and conditions etc. Our leasing experts and consultants will also take you on property visits to help you find a space that meets your exact leasing needs and criteria.

Why Us?

  • With years of experience and proven expertise in real estate leasing and consultancy, we know exactly what it takes to find a suitable property/space on lease for your business.
  • Our unmatched retail and commercial property leasing solutions are designed to take care of all your leasing needs.
  • Our strategic approach coupled with our ability to offer excellent lease advisory has enabled us to offer best in class leasing & consulting services.
  • Over the years, we have established meaningful contacts and strong relationships with commercial and retail space owners.
  • With us, property leasing is always quick and hassle-free, which means you can focus all you attention on your core business activities rather than worry about finding the right property.
  • Take advantage of our wide and trusted network to find the best spaces on rent.
  • We recommend only those properties that meet your strict compliance requirements and standards.
  • We offer excellent advisory on all matters pertaining to property leasing including the legal and documentation work.
  • Our cost-effective, process-driven and professional leasing and consulting services help businesses and individuals to find their ideal properties on lease.

LeaseHub India has always been at the forefront of providing unparalleled property leasing and consulting services that allows clients to take informed leasing decisions. We also offer lease consultancy to developers and owners, providing them with a multitude of services such as lease inspection and lease review to ensure that they enjoy better control over their properties. We believe in providing 100% client satisfaction and transparent services.

Whether you are planning to set up a new business or even if you intend to launch your new retail store, we can assist you in maximizing your returns from investment by providing you with excellent retail and commercial spaces on lease.

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